In this funny valentine to love 90s style, three wide-eyed college grads score a great apartment in Greenwich Village and set out to take New York by storm. Laughing in the face of cynicism, Marc dreams of that big Broadway break, songwriter Robert dreams of Marc, while the deliciously delusional Cynthia (Mara Hobel, MOMMIE DEAREST) stalks her dream employer with nothing to recommend her except a blank resume and the ability to accessorize. But when sexy neighbor David (Hugh Panaro, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) enters the picture, the harsh realities of life, love and career test their incorrigible optimism in this gay romantic comedy classic. Original theatrical release date 1998.

Michael Shawn Lucas, Hugh Panaro, and director Victor Mignatti

the filmmakers

Writer/director Victor Mignatti started his career in the sound department of DuArt Film Labs and became an editor at legendary New York edit houses National Video Center and Post Perfect. Within a few years he was directing television commercials for clients ranging from Macy’s to Clearasil. In 2012, he released the acclaimed music documentary THIS TIME featuring legendary girl-group The Sweet Inspirations. Mignatti was recently nominated for a Grammy Award as director of R. Kelly’s TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET 13-22. This outrageous “hip-hopera” was the Billboard #1 platinum music video DVD for five straight weeks. The New York Times called it “extraordinarily entertaining.”Other documentary work includes the award winners ACLU: 75th ANNIVERSARY and GMHC: A PORTRAIT, a sobering look at the fabled AIDS service agency, as well as three seasons of the MTV reality series THE REAL WORLD (People’s Choice Award nomination). His work is in the permanent collections of the UCLA Film and Television Archive, The Paley Center for Media and the Museum of the City of New York. Mignatti is currently developing the feature film WEST VILLAGE SWING, a black comedy about turning 50, getting priced out of your beloved neighborhood and aged out of your love life. It’s a delicious story of mid-life crisis, gentrification and class-war.

Producer David Topel is a Philadelphia trial lawyer with a passion for movies. He started developing his production skills in the political arena at the age of eighteen as a research assistant to Hubert H. Humphrey. He went on to co-chair the first campaign of U.S. Senator Joseph Biden. He has written and directed four plays, produced the PBS award winning musical C'EST LA GUERRE and is currently developing his feature screenplays BIRTHRIGHT and MARY DON'T ASK! co-written with composer Michael Ogborn.

the cast

Mara Hobel (Cynthia)
Michael Shawn Lucas (Marc)
Hugh Panaro (David)
Aaron Williams (Robert)

Gary Janetti
Gerry McIntyre
James Lecesne
Alan Filderman
Barbara Winters-Pinto
Tyagi Schwartz
Jonathan Walker

About the REstoration  & remastering

BROADWAY DAMAGE was scanned at 4K from the original 35mm master positive on the Arri Laser Scanner at Goldcrest Post, NY with color grading performed by John Dowdell on the Quantel IQ. Thousands of instances of dust and scratches were digitally removed. Discrete 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo mixes were remastered from the original Sony 48 track digital masters by Ken Hahn at Sync Sound, NY. Blu-ray encoding and authoring was performed by Michael Palan at Du-Art Film & Video, NY.

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