fan mail for broadway damage

I first saw B'WAY DAMAGE at the New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival with quite an enthusiastic audience, and it stayed with me with a resonance I rarely experience. I've lived in Manhattan for 22 years, gayer than laughter, and I guess you could say I gave at the office: I was the founding editor of NEW YORK NATIVE, CHRISTOPHER STREET, THEATERWEEK, OPERA MONTHLY, and a few other such publications. I'm now a free-lance writer and editor, living very happily with my lover of ten years and our fantastic bassett hound, Elsa.

I bought the DVD of BROADWAY DAMAGE the moment I saw (online) its availability. In other words, I pre-ordered it. I just finished watching it for the second time, and was every bit as enchanted as I was the first time around. It has a rare likability and "period" accuracy - and an authenticity that actually brought tears to my eyes. It deserves a far wider audience than it has already earned, but hey, I didn't make the world. It would be ungentlemanly of me to badmouth other "gay" movies that kicked in big-time, but BD has it over most of them in terms of sheer heart. Great cast, especially Mara (MOMMIE DEAREST) Hobel and Aaron Williams, who gives great balance and eyelashes, and Michael Shawn Lucas, who has one of the great natural smiles in contemporary film. Oh, I could go on, and I probably will after I watch it yet again.

Special thanks to Victor Mignatti, whose incredible ear lended this improbable project a rare veracity and (sigh) depth of feeling.

Thanks to you all. Your work and your faith in it shall not go unrewarded.

A thousand kisses,


I loved the movie Broadway Damage and the music in it. Do you think there will be a sequel?


Really enjoyed the video we rented. Find a new story line and do another one!!


Lee, Atlanta

Sweet, Playful, Fun entertainment

If you love a good romantic fantasy, you'll probably LOVE this. This film is about reliving those risk-taking moments when first falling in love, and it's ultimately about friends, arguing in favor of love beginning with a strong friendship. There are few films of this genre (sad we even call this a genre) that have a light-hearted feeling. The scrip isn't an Oscar contender, but that didn't bother me. The character & performances have their sweetness and humor, and are easy on the eye. All my friends and I loved it (even the cynical ones).

RedCat, Florida

A Perfect Jewel of a Film

This film is a most delightful example of what filmmaking can do without a ton of money. The talent displayed in this film is extraordinary, from the music writing to the acting to the manner in which it is filmed. Start to finish it is a pure delight. I rented it for a week and watched it 5 times so far!

We need more films like this which provide us with real stories but an optimistic and loving view of the world. The romance in the film is the best I can recall ever seeing. BRAVO to all involved in making this magnificent film!

Denise, Chicago

Broadway Has Damaged Me

Well, not really. I've only seen it 5-6 times and love it even more every time I see it!!!!!!!!! It's a fabulous love story that seems more realistic than most others! The music is WONDERFUL! I would like to know if there's a soundtrack and where I would be able to find it.

Lakegan, Atlanta, GA

Wonderful movie lambchop!

Fun movie! Yea, the plot's been used before, but it's got it's own twists and turns. Robert and Marc are fun to watch, and their straight female friend is a hoot. You wont be disappointed with this movie!

Cryboy, New England

Yesterday I rented your film, Broadway Damage and I must say that a movie has not touched me in this way for a long time. Everyone associated with this movie deserves to feel a great sense of accomplishment! Mara Hobel and especially Michael Shawn Lucas reminded me so perfectly of myself and my roommate Amy, Michael Shawn Lucas perfectly portrayed some of the hardest struggles that I have had to go through in my own life. And the ending gave me us all hope that love is attainable and just when you least expect it, you find it. Thank you for making a movie that the gay community can enjoy and strive to rather than another movie depicting the doom of AIDS.

Thank you,

Todd, Seattle

Just received Broadway Damage on DVD through the mail and immediately popped it in the player.....what a great film! I completely bought in to the characters and thought it one of the funniest and really romantic films I've seen in a long time. Thank GOD I had the sense to buy the DVD sight unseen........somehow I knew this movie was going to become a favorite, and I shall be playing it frequently. How about a sequel?? Set in London?? Can I be an extra?!

Very Best Wishes,

Peter, London

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I loved "Broadway Damage". I happened across it at a local video store and new nothing about it, but I rented it anyways and it's become one of my all-time favorite films. I ordered the DVD the very next day and I've probably watched it about 5-6 times now. Very enjoyable and uplifting. A definite 10. I hope you make more like it soon!

Carla, Los Angeles

I recently rented Broadway Damage, and so far I have watched it three times. You have done a terrific job with the movie.

More importantly, I would like to contact the actor Aaron Williams to congratulate him on a terrific performance. I think his acting brought his character to life, and made him the true hero of the movie.

Kindly let me if Mr. Williams has an address for fanmail, or an e-mail, or any other means of reaching him to compliment him on a job well done.

Lucie, Boston

I recently purchased the DVD of "Broadway Damage." Being an ex-performer (musical theater) from NYC, the movie synopsis intrigued me. Well, I was very pleased indeed. This movie is probably one of my "prized" purchases of 1999. It has charm, believability and much heart. The song "Someone" was especially touching. As Robert (Aaron Williams) was singing it... I felt every emotion. In fact, I had to play it over several times.

Bravo to Mr. Mignatti! My hope is that he can develop other films in the same genre. In a world of "Block Busters" it's a nice feeling to know that a director with so much tenacity and insight can create an "Independent Buster." Congrats!


Robert N., Miami

I rented the video from my friend's at our neighborhood store and feel in love with it. I didn't expect it to be as straight to the heart as it is. I liked it enough to get the DVD.


Allen, Denver, CO

This fluff has the right stuff

"Boy meets boy" is one of the timeless plot lines - since the ancient Greeks at least - and this well-acted romantic comedy adds a number of twists and turns to what could have been standard fare. The showbiz wannabes of the title who lust after, long for, love, lose and land one another are appealing, and the men are all goodlooking - even the presumably plain Robert, who in the real world whould have no trouble attracting a man, even if he did ear a stupid porkpie hat as here. Perhaps that's why the director put the hat on him, to disguise how cute he is. The lead hunk, Mark, has a frequent bemused smile that suggest thoughtfulness. He is appalled to learn that casting agents think he "reads light," and it's one of the movie's accomplishments that Michael Shawn Lucas as Mark carries off the combination of masculine appearance, conversation almost devoid of camp, and an unaggressive sensitivity that makes you like him - he's the hunk with a heart of gold, even though he's also a gym bunny for whom climbing a tree is an erotic experience. His elusive "must have item," David, is dark and pretty as a movie mystery man should be. As the Long Island princess, Mara Hobel is good, but her character's main shtick (trying to land a job interview with Tina Brown despite having zero qualifications) is dragged out too long. The resolution of one of the movie's main romantic dilemmas in the last reel feels very artificial and is the only wrong step in this otherwise charming and witty tale.


San Francisco

Dreams do come true...

Wonderfully crafted yarn about three friends looking to take a bite from the Big Apple. Mara Hobel as the shopaholic friend is fantastic. Michael Shawn Lucas is utterly dreamy as the guy bent on finding a perfect ten. Aaron Williams is very sweet as the not so perfect guy pining for his best friend's love. Hugh Panaro is perfect as the opportunistic musician. All with Chelsea as a background. Adorable.

A view

West Hollywood, CA

Funny, well acted, really entertaining

It was a fun movie to watch, the music that David plays while Marc listens is beautiful (I would like to know the artist and title), he acting was excellent and really entertaining.


Dallas, TX

A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

This movie is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen all year. Mara Hobel is wonderful. (remember her as Charlotte on "Roseanne") I am so glad is was finally released on video.


New York City

Grand gesture? Maybe...

What happens when an average looking gay guy falls in love with a guy who's only interested in perfect 10's and their best friend is a Long Island princess who wants a job at Vanity Fair even if it kills her? (It doesn't, don't worry) Quirky, lovable and a tad a la "Friends," this romp through the lives of twentysomething New Yorkers is delightfully entertaining. Mara Hobel (remember her from "Mommie Dearest"?) is absolutely over the top in this film, providing most of the campy dialog. A gay date movie for sure, like totally.

A viewer

West Hollywood, CA

A Fun and Sweet Little Movie

Two friends, a young gay man and his straight girl friend share an apartment and try to deal with life in the big city, Mara Hobel is funny as the fag hag friend and this movie is light and comical as it explores the character lives and loves. Seeing the film in a packed house of gay men in Manhattan made it clear that the filmmaker was pretty on target as the audience laughed with recognition through most of the film. A very funny movie!

Lindenhurst, NY


What a really great film you have here. I picked up the DVD version of Broadway Damage not really knowing what to expect. What a wonderful surprise! How did I let this one slip by for so long? Good luck with your video edition.



Hello... We are your fans!!

Broadway Damage is a good movie I ever see in my life, also I would like to ask if you know about movie TALES OF THE CITY. I would like to have more details for this movie, if you can help me find all the name of gay actor name WILLIAM CAMPBELL, I think he is a sexy guy and a good actor.

Thanks so much

Big fans

Saw your film and loved it. The music in the film was also great, especially "When You're Young and in Love." I was wondering is there is a soundtrack I could buy and where I can get it.


Miami Beach, FL

One of the Best Films of the Year

My partner and I enjoyed the movie, one of the best we've seen all year. In fact, we rented it a few days later so a friend could see it. We all agreed it's really a great film. I would also like to know if Gabriel Zenone has an album out, the song "Promise of Another Day" was truly beautiful.


Dallas, TX

Finally saw Broadway Damage this weekend. Worth the wait. I loved it! I've been a fan of Hugh Panaro's for almost a decade... so tell me, where can I get the soundtrack??


Nashville, TN


Thank you!

Love you!

Keep up the wonderful work.


Hello. Saw Broadway Damage last year and loved the film. Saw it twice. Just discovered from surfing the web it is available on video. Do you plan on releasing it on DVD? If so when, or is it already out, where can I get it?


I saw Broadway Damage twice and love the film! I would like to know if Broadway Damage is coming out on video and if so when. I definitely want a copy of your film.


Gene, Bucks County, PA

I want to congratulate you on the great success of BROADWAY DAMAGE. My boyfriend Mike and I both agree it's the best movie we've seen in a long time. We laughed, we cried, we got erections!! The cast was wonderful & the characters were rich and well thought out. The movie was well written, directed and pulled together. When's the video come out? I want it.

You have a winner on your hands.


Hughie, Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted to let you know I thought BROADWAY DAMAGE was phenomenal! The audience here loved it, as did I. Between the bursts of laughter, the movie had a lot to say.

I would love to get a copy for myself - I really liked it that much!

Michael, Chicago, IL

In 1972, I heard Frank Capra speak to a class I was taking. He told us he made his films to make people feel good. Then it was a Depression, now it's the AIDS epidemic. Your film is indeed a needed shot in the arm. Bob and I saw BROADWAY DAMAGE last Thursday. It was as if we were seeing one of Capra's films: romance, laughter, beautiful, seamless editing and best of all a happy ending.

Though we have been together 19 years, we still touched one another during the film and left elated.

We hope you have great success with it and with future movies. This world sorely needs your art.

So many good wishes,

Joel & Bob, Phila, PA

The movie is a tremendous success! BROADWAY DAMAGE clearly is a transforming experience -- back to innocence lost by a world moving too fast or driving too hard. You made a wonderful movie!


Jerry, San Francisco, CA

I am sorry that I could not hear your Q & A after the screening of BROADWAY DAMAGE. You have created a beautifully realized film.

I have attended all of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian festivals. It is incredible how far we have come in those years. BROADWAY DAMAGE is the kind of film that deserves a wide distribution. Not just in the big cities on the coasts, but all through the country. It carries a very positive message to all gay people and straight. That we are not all struggling with coming out or dying of AIDS. Your film shows us fully functioning gay people in the middle of very real lives. I hope to see BROADWAY DAMAGE marqueed across the country.

Robert, Los Angeles, CA

I enjoyed the film completely. It's smart and sincere, I thought romantic and charming -- it's wonderful!

Kenn, New York, NY

Wow! What a wonderful movie! What a fun evening!

Many many thanks,

Barbara & Ed, NY, NY

Congratulations on your wonderful film!

Tom, New York, NY

I enjoyed being taken back to those early struggling years in New York while viewing BROADWAY DAMAGE. The actors are very good, especially Mara Hobel.


Pat, Philadelphia, PA

First and foremost I should tell you how much I enjoyed BROADWAY DAMAGE. It appealed to my romantic sensibilities that sometimes romance is sitting in front of your face while you fritter your time away looking for what you think you want. The film showed a more penetrative angle than what most people want to accept... that love must be sought out and one must "find the perfect one." Blah blah blah. Your insight transferred to film really inspired me, if not completely impressed me.

I remain an impressed audience attendee...


Jim, Oakland, CA

Just a note from Vienna -- your film was great!

James, Vienna, Austria

I want to congratulate you on your film BROADWAY DAMAGE. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved its unabashed optimism. I wish you lots of luck... it certainly deserves a wide audience.


Kaizaad, Columbus, OH

We met in the tent after BROADWAY DAMAGE and I just wanted to repeat my thanks in writing for what has been my hot ticket for the festival so far. After seeing you, my friends and I went for a meal together and found ourselves talking about your film and related issues all evening!

What you wrote in your program notes about your experience of the advertising industry and especially your comments about the sad personal consequences of our fear-driven culture resonated deeply with me. Thank you.

With all good wishes,

Christopher, London, England

What a masterstroke of genius! BROADWAY DAMAGE is splendid -- witty, colorful, poignant and not heavy handed. It is truly a story anyone gay or straight can relate to in many ways. It is the perfect film for Middle America to finally become acquainted with REAL gay characters.

You should be very proud of this terrific accomplishment.

Walter, Philadelphia, PA

In the rosy glow of the prefect film evening -- I felt that I had to put my appreciation into a more tangible form than the handshakes and "Thank Yous" we exchanged last evening. Before seeing your fabulous film, I was on the horns of a dilemma: which would get my vote as top film? Well BROADWAY DAMAGE knocked them all out of the competition for numero uno. I say without hesitation that "BD" would be one of my dozen "desert island" films, in the company of JEFFREY, LONG-TIME COMPANION and PARTING GLANCES. If "BD" doesn't get picked up for general release the film industry is in worse shape than I ever could imagine!

Please give my thanks and best wishes to everyone involved in your wonderful project. I look forward to seeing all your names on the "big screen" again and often in the future. (All that and great male pulchritude too. There's not a man in the cast I'd throw out of bed for eating crackers!)

I have decided to see "BD" again as my final film at the Festival Sunday evening: How's that for loyalty?! And I'm taking a friend. It is what is usually termed "Ending things on a high (the HIGHEST) note."

Very Sincerely,

Robert, Seattle, WA

It was pure pleasure! The film was "Fabulous" and I don't use the "F" word lightly! I had a terrific time.

Patrice, Philadelphia, PA

Just came from seeing Broadway Damage at the Market Theater in Seattle. It was a great movie. I especially liked the song actor Aaron sang to his friend and wondered if it will ever be a soundtrack album? Later even maybe the movie will be on DVD or Laser Disk. It was great going to see a gay romantic comedy that I can identify with. Not many with a gay theme depicting the main male characters as ordinary straight appearing men. I will be sure to recommend it to my friends. Thanks for your creativity.


I saw your wonderful film this weekend and fell in love with it. I'm taking my partner to see it tomorrow (partly as an excuse for me to see it again... and I rarely have the desire to see a film twice in a theater.) I'll be looking for more from all concerned with this film. Thanks for an enjoyable time...

CB, Chicago

The film is soooooo great, that I can't wait for the video to get into the mood of it again! Is there a soundtrack available??? I hope so, otherwise I've got to travel from one festival to another to see "Broadway Damage" over and over again. Please send me a note of hope to touch the dark and cold winternights in Berlin with a stroke of sunlight.

Sincerely, Kai, Berlin, Germany

I just wanted to say how much I loved your film. Unfortunately, I only saw it twice... it is truly a movie to be seen again and again. I am hoping that it will be released soon on either DVD or VHS. I would also love to own the soundtrack. Can you please let me know how I can get a copy. BD really made a great impact on me and many of my friends.


Broadway Damage!

Just saw it. Wonderful.

Is it available in purchase or rental yet?


My name is Mark, i am from South Africa.

I went to the gay film festival for the first time. I watched a few movies and was thinking mmm this is not for me... too boring until i watched Broadway Damage. I want you all for this wonderful production and the cast was great. I am 27 and only admitted i am gay the beginning of this year. This movie made me happy and sad.

Happy because i live in a fairy tale world and in this movie love is a beautiful thing and the two most gorgeous men get each other in the end. Sad... because i want something like that, but cannot find it.

Love you all, mark

I just saw Broadway Damage at the festival here in Portland, OR. It was great! Please let me know when this will be available on video (preferably DVD) so I can add it to my collection. Thanks!


I've seen the movie at Lesbian & Gay Filmfestival in Hamburg and I really loved it. Can you tell me if a soundtrack will be released? Thanks.

Yours, Hans-Jurgen

I saw Broadway Damage last week here in Munich, Germany at the International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 'Verzaubert'. It was the best movie I saw at the festival (16 in one week). I can't wait til Broadway Damage will will released on video.

Greetings from Germany!


This was one of the best films I've seen in a while! I enjoyed the actors and the plot was impeccable! Excellent JOB!

Patrick, New York

I loved Broadway Damage! I vote for a sequel!! I can't wait to see what is up with all of our "Broadway damagees!"


San Diego, California

Hi! I was curious when the film "Broadway Damage" will be released on video and how can I get a copy of the soundtrack? :)

Thanks, Keith

We saw the movie last night and think Michael is "To-Die-For" and Hugh is a Doll and want Mara to be the mother of our children. As others have stated, we would love to have a copy for ourselves. When will the DVD be available?

Jim, Bob & Daniel, San Diego, California

The film is spellbinding. I saw it in Philadelphia.


I loved the movie. Can I get it on video? Please let me know when it comes out.

Thanks, Scott

Hi all -- Happy Hollywood Harlan reporting. I KNOW you will all see BROADWAY DAMAGE when it opens in a few weeks. Unbelievably funny, poiniant and a slice of life I certainly could relate to.

Until next time, see you at the movies.

Hi!!! First of all congratulations to this great movie!! Do you have any ideas where i can get the music to this movie? Especially the song promise of another day?

Thanks for your help!

Ciao, Frank

I saw Broadway Damage today at the Laemmle Sunset 5 (loyal plug) and enjoyed it very much. Do you have plans on bringing it to video soon? Thanks!


Saw Broadway Damage in New York recently and loved it! Any chance I can get a copy of the movie poster?


I saw the movie last weekend and I think it was great! The story was very good and I loved the selection of songs you made.


Greetings from the culturally deprived southwest. One question... any chance this film EVER coming to Phoenix? or do I need to book a flight to S.F.?



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